People Are Actually Writing The Word “Firstable” Online Instead Of “First Of All”

What has the internet done to our brains?

1. So you see this and you think… No, no way could “firstable” actually be a thing.

2. But it is. “Firstable” is becoming a thing.

@punk_tart okay, firstable, why would you make this information pubic?

— jamie (@okayalrightyeah)

firstable, i'm a very clean eater fuck u

— Keep it crispy (@therealslimkt)

firstable no way in hell am i writing a long ass dissertation and reading it in front of 3 people who decide if I get a PhD or not

— chocolate milk god (@yalesale)

Firstable I'm the realest

— Nate (@connectiqueer)

10. And it gets worse. “Secondable” is also becoming a thing…

@heyitsshandi @kirinari_ okay firstable, shandi you should be used to this by now. secondable, NANI TAKE A HIKE.

— TEY IS A SCRUB (@jeesuckit)

firstable you should let me go to your school because i would instantly make your sidewalks street style blog worthy and secondable

— todd le (@anti_gravi_tea)

13. Luckily, “thirdable” hasn’t caught on just yet. But we aren’t far away, people!

@MrTepe24 Firstable Playoff game don't think so, secondable hell yea Gasol MVP of the game, Thirdable Sorry Odom and @Lakers #FTW

— Alfred Roldan (@Jid3)

14. According to Twitter tracker Topsy, “firstable” has been used 96 times in the last month.

15. There’s still time to turn the tide on this! But we have to act fast; it’s already spread to Instagram.

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