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    This Teenage Girl Takes Hysterical Selfies About What It's Like To Live In America As A Hijabi

    "Do you shower with your hijab on?"

    This is Yasmeen. She's an 18-year-old from California and Tumblr just fell in love with her and her amazing selfies.

    Her posts have been passed around hundreds of thousands of times and it's now gotten to a point where she can't keep up with all the messages she's been getting.

    "I'm a hijabi so a lot of times I get approached with some ridiculous questions about both my appearance and religion," Yasmeen told BuzzFeed.

    So, she decided to have fun with it, and started tweeting out some very sassy Snapchats.

    She said her favorite questions about her hijab are things like "Do you have ears" and "Are you bald?"

    As she started to notice her face popping up all over the internet, she was a little scared about getting some nasty trolls.

    But so far she says everyone's been totally great.

    Which is nice to hear because she is awesome and the internet is a scary place.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering about the shower thing...

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