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People On Yik Yak Helped This Couple Meet In Real Life

Love will always find a way, even on anonymous messaging apps.

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All of these screenshots come courtesy of Tumblr user luvzaynie. Also, keep in mind, Yik Yak is anonymous, so take this with a grain of salt.

It all started with a girl trying to ask a guy out. He said no.

Yik Yak / Via

But it turns out, he Yak'd about it too!

Yik Yak / Via

The commenters scrambled to let both of them know they were Yak'ing about each other.

Yik Yak / Via

Then the guy jumps into the comment section and asks for one more shot.

Yik Yak / Via

They exchanged emojis...

Yik Yak / Via

And then left their fans on Yik Yak one more update: They decided to meet for coffee!

Yik Yak / Via

Man, the future sure is weird. If you think you know this couple, let us know in the comments!

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