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    Would You Use This New Proposed Punctuation Mark?

    The woman behind the idea calls it an "ElRey Mark" and it's "somewhere between the deadpan period and the excitable exclamation point."

    The ElRey Mark:

    Photographer Ellen Susan's reasoning behind the proposed new punctuation mark:

    "Ellen argues, we need a new punctuation mark that resides in the emotional range between the just-the-facts period and the whoop-to-do excitability of the exclamation point. While the new mark would clearly signal positivity, it would save us from communicating with the unhinged emotionality of a note slipped between junior-high students."

    It would ideally be used at the end of emails, for when you're excited, but not ~too~ excited.

    What do you think? Is this something we need to add into our punctuation repertoire, like the snark, the punctuation mark for sarcasm.

    Or interrobang?