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Posted on Jan 30, 2014

World's Greatest Son Surprises Diehard Seahawks Fan Mom With Super Bowl Tickets

"We're going to the Super Bowl, mom!"

Mike Harris surprised his mom this week with a pretty incredible gift: Tickets for row 10 in the end zone of the Super Bowl.

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Mike explains on his YouTube page that his mom has loved the Seahawks since the '70s.

In 1983, she planned on going to the airport to welcome the team's flight during their run to the AFC championship game...

But she missed it because she was pregnant with Mike.

The family didn't think they would be able to afford to see the team in the Super Bowl.

Mike's mom even went to the send-off event organized for the team and its fans in Seattle.

He had his mom over to visit when the FedEx delivery was set to arrive, signed for the package and handed to her.

Mike says this is his way of paying her back for not being able to go to the airport thirty years ago. Not bad.

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