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Here's How I Accidentally Made An Old Avril Lavigne Death Hoax Go Viral

Watch how quickly the internet turns a little dumb thing into a big dumb thing!

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Hi there! I'm Ryan, I work for BuzzFeed News and I'm currently visiting BuzzFeed Brazil (pictured below). I'm in São Paulo this week learning about Brazilian internet culture. That's me on the left wearing the cool red cut-offs.


On Wednesday, I tweeted about my new discovery. I love dumb conspiracy theory stuff. I also love Avril Lavigne.

There's a Brazilian conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne died and was secretly replaced

I started tweeting about the hoax with screenshots. I thought it was a funny thing and left it at that. Also, a bunch of Brazilian Avril Lavigne fan accounts started threatening me and I got scared.

The theory goes that Avril Lavigne killed herself and the actress that replaced her is leaving clues in her lyrics

But because this is the internet, it looks like things have kind of gotten out of control. First, Paper Mag picked it up on Thursday, writing, "A CONSPIRACY THEORY SAYS AVRIL LAVIGNE IS DEAD AND HAS BEEN REPLACED BY A DOPPELGANGER".