“White People Crazy” Is The Rap Anthem You’ve Been Waiting For

He makes a lot of very valid points.

1. Here is the song “White People Crazy”:

2. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Straight Jackets, Trailer Parks
Country Music, Golf Karts
Duck Huntin… Guitars
Watchin Hockey, Nascar

Ask any white person they know ….
About any white person they know ….
And they’ll admit that they friend’d admit
that they know they crazy fo sho (fo sho!)

3. It was written by the anonymous rapper Rawcus, who says he won’t reveal his true identity so he can continue being honest in his music.

4. Although, his website gives some information about him, like the fact that he thinks white people are crazy but he still loves them.

5. Also, he’s got a pretty informative Twitter account.

The primary function of sleep in humans is to save the important info in permanent memory and delete all the unimportant junk from the mind.

— White Ppl Dey Crazy (@TheRealRawcus)

Bill Gates has 7 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms in his primary house located in Seattle.

— White Ppl Dey Crazy (@TheRealRawcus)

8. And as for the the racial content of his song “White People Crazy,” he responded to that in the comments…

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