Do You Know Which Drink Has More Caffeine In It?

Are you really wired from half a Red Bull, or is it all in your head?

    1. Coca-Cola
    2. Pepsi
    1. Diet Coke
    2. Diet Pepsi
    1. Pepsi ONE
    2. Tab
    1. Faygo Cola
    2. RC Cola
    1. Starbucks Double Espresso
    2. Tall Starbucks Coffee
    1. Starbucks Single Espresso
    2. Venti Tazo Green Tea Latte
    1. Tall Starbucks Coffee
    2. Medium Dunkin Donuts Coffee
    1. Dunkin Donuts Double Espresso
    2. Starbucks Double Espresso
    1. Medium Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
    2. Tall Starbucks Iced Coffee
    1. Medium McDonalds Coffee
    2. Medium Tim Hortons Coffee
    1. Medium Iced McDonalds Coffee
    2. Medium Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
    1. Grande Starbucks Coffee
    2. Redline Energy Drink
    1. Baskin Robbins Cappuccino Blast
    2. 5-Hour Energy
    1. 16-ounce Rockstar Energy Drink
    2. 8.46-ounce Red Bull
    1. Snapple Tea
    2. SoBe Green Tea

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