What If Your Favorite TV Shows Were Your Favorite Rappers?

LOST and Kanye West have way more in common than you’d think.

1. Monday night, Grammy-nominated rapper Phonte started tweeting about Breaking Bad. And then what followed were some mindblowingly accurate pair-ups of famous rappers and TV shows.


3. I think we can all agree that The Newsroom could be a lot smarter.


5. Yeezus is definitely his last season flash sideways parallel timeline thingy.


7. Kevin Spacey does seem to have a pretty unkillable vibe.


9. And The Roots and The Simpsons both seem to have that timeless quality.




11. Phonte also settles who would be Biggie and who would be Tupac.


13. And this would probably make Snoop Dogg’s Stabler Dr. Dre.


14. And being a rapper, he also matched himself up with a show.


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