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    We Asked People In London What's More Terrifying: A President Trump Or #Brexit

    Let's put this whole 'Britain leaving the European Union' thing in perspective.

    There was a nervous mood in London Friday, after a historic vote resulted in the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

    With so many thing about Britain's future being uncertain, BuzzFeed News wanted to find out what Brits are actually more terrified about...

    An independent United Kingdom...

    Or the idea that Donald Trump might actually get elected president of the United States Of America.

    Some people we asked couldn't even process the question.

    Turns out, there is something scarier than the UK than leaving the European Union.

    And his name is Donald Trump.

    It was pretty much unanimous.

    Although, one woman we spoke to pointed out that while Donald Trump is terrifying, he would only get to be president for, at most, eight years. While, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is more permanent.

    This guy, though, probably had the best take on the whole thing.


    You can watch the whole video here:

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