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    Two Little Boys With Type-1 Diabetes Started An Adorable Long-Distance Friendship On Instagram

    Ain't no bromance like a blood sugar bromance.

    About a month ago, Sara Jensen's son Henry struck up an unlikely friendship with a boy named Angus. They bonded over the fact they both have type-1 diabetes. And they've never met in real life.

    The two boys met on Instagram when a common friend introduced them. Angus' mom, Maggie, was posting about Angus being diagnosed with type-1 diabetes and Sara emailed her. The two moms started talking.

    "She said Angus is freaking out, kicking and screaming at the nurses, he won't let anyone check his blood sugar," Sara said. So she had Henry send Angus a video.

    "I know what it's like because you're poking with needles and you know what's good for them and you know you have to do it but you're hurting them," she said.

    Sara told Henry that Angus was having a hard time with letting people check his blood sugar so Henry made the little boy a tutorial. And that was the start of their super cute insta-friendship.

    "Just the idea that your phone can take a picture, I'm not sure how these kids parse it," Sara said. She loves the idea that Instagram has become a motivator for both boys to keep their blood sugar on track.

    Maggie and Sara and their boys haven't met yet, but they're friends on Instagram and Facebook and still correspond all the time. Sara says they have a bizarrely intense bond.

    Henry's one-year anniversary of being diagnosed is coming up in February and the two moms have talked about finally meeting in real life. Another thing getting in the way of having the two meet is that Angus' mom, Maggie, is currently very pregnant.

    Sara thinks the friendship is just a very cool thing. They might not live near each other, but they can lean on each other when they need support.

    "For Henry to have that direct access, for Angus to have that," She said. "To be like 'I'm scared and I know there's somebody a lot like me and I know there's someone I can talk to them.'"