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Trump Supporters And Neo-Nazis Are Using Secret Chatrooms To Harass Shia LaBeouf

This article contains offensive language and graphic images.

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Moderators on 4chan and Reddit are trying to censor conversation about #HeWillNotDivideUs because users are organizing harassment campaigns against the anti-Trump protesters who are seen on the livestream.


The most charged moment occurred over the weekend when a man came up to the camera in what appears to be a hat similar to those worn by Nazi military and quietly said what sounds like "14, 88."

Shia LaBeouf has near meltdown after Trump supporter shows up to his 4-year protest livestream

"14, 88" is a code among neo-Nazis and white supremacists referring to one of two 14-word pledges repeated by members of the Aryan Nation: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" or "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." The repetition of "88" refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet, "H," which is how neo-Nazis abbreviate "heil Hitler" so they can quietly signal each other.


During another moment, a larger man in a mustache and a "Make America Great Again" hat who has been since nicknamed "/pol/ Blart" for his resemblance to Paul Blart: Mall Cop came up to the camera.


It's unclear how effective some of their larger trolling projects have been. Multiple pizzas have been called in by 4chan users and delivered to the location of the livestream, but trolls are attempting to organize more complex ways to disrupt the art exhibit.

In one heavily circulated image, users claim they organized a Craigslist prostitution meetup with the hopes that the person who answered the ad would be busted by an undercover police officer. Like most things from 4chan, it's unclear if this actually happened or if they just made it up.


A man the alt-right has since nicknamed "Jackie 4chan" — because he appears to be Asian — went up to the livestream and began signaling that he was affiliated with 4chan. He also played a song from a portable boombox that has become something of an anthem for 4chan users, the alt-right, and neo-Nazis.

The song is called "SHADILAY" and it has become infamous because it was written by a band called P.E.P.E. in 1986. The fact the band name spells out Pepe — like Pepe the frog — and that is has a green frog on it was too huge of a coincidence to not instantly go viral.

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BuzzFeed News asked the members of the Tinychat room if they were affiliated with 4chan, but members of the room claimed they had come there from Reddit. They were, however, talking about the confrontation with "Jackie 4chan" as it happened and made references to 4chan message boards.


According to users in "Outer Heaven," the man in the mustache was dressed like Irish actor Aidan Gillen from the movie The Dark Knight Rises, who has also become something of a meme among the alt-right.


There's a concept called "Baneposting" where trolls fill comment sections with references to a line spoken by Tom Hardy's character, Bane, to Aidan Gillen's character during the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises. 4chan is so enamored with it that they once attempted to crowdsource a letter to Aidan Gillen in 2014.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for Shia LaBeouf for comment.

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