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A Bunch Of People Are Pissed About This Post On The Garlic Bread Memes Facebook Page

OK, first things first, there's a Facebook page that just posts memes about garlic bread.

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The apparent meaning of the meme — that there are only two genders — has split the community in half. Possibly due to the universal deliciousness of garlic bread, the page seems to have just as many followers who believe gender is a spectrum as those who do not.

Perhaps part of the problem with injecting something as serious as gender identity into a Facebook page about garlic bread is that now, it's incredibly unclear who is and isn't taking the controversy seriously.


BuzzFeed News spoke to one of Garlic Bread Memes' creators, someone who identified themselves as an 18-year-old named Boaz from Israel. He said he posted the meme because he thought it was funny.

Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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