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This Woman Had A Powerful Response To The "Anna Rexia" Halloween Costume

For Jessi Davin, anorexia isn't something to joke about.

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In Davin's blog post, she outlines exactly what anorexia was like for her:

-4 years of hospitalization
-A nasogastric feeding-tube because you've starved yourself so much that your body doesn't recognize food as a good thing and tries to attack itself.
-Re-Feeding Syndrome, which can kill you.
-Emotional struggles for years.
-A father crying and pleading on his knees begging for you to get help
-A mother who cries every time she sees you because you look and SMELL like death.
-Holidays missed, birthdays crying in a hospital.
Almost every major organ in your body failing.
-A shower chair - because you can't stand in the shower because you're too weak and the warm water could make you pass out.
-A wheelchair, because you are too weak to walk and it could make you go into cardiac arrest.
-A lifetime of medications for anxiety and the health issues "Anna Rexia" caused.
-Plenty of money for multiple ER trips due to "Anna Rexia" even in recovery.
-And if you don't get help like I do, or even if you do, a coffin. Because I've lost more friends to this eating disorder then anything I've ever faced.
-I almost died from this. I know it's supposed to be funny and shit and yeah I get that, but seriously.


"I felt like Tumblr was a great place to post a message about it, because I had seen it used so often as an 'awareness platform' of sorts," she said. "So I dug out some photos of me in treatment, screenshot some Twitter posts that I had made when I was in my illness, and just wrote from the heart.

"I think eating disorders are a disease a lot of people really don't take seriously in the first place, and to see that costume really just made me think 'OK. I can't be silent about this anymore. I need to show the harsh reality that is anorexia. It's not a joke.' So I did just that."

She's received all kinds of reactions. Family members of people with eating disorders have thanked me for giving them a better understanding. Some people have told her that her post made them realize they needed to get help.


"I think costumes like ['Anna Rexia'] really show how much we as a society have to learn about mental illness and the way it affects the people around us," she said. "People need to know that if you suffer from an eating disorder — you aren't a joke."

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