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    This Teen Has Been Instagramming Amazing Pictures Of Himself Dressed As Different U.S. Presidents

    Hey, whatever gets the kids interested in history.

    Two months ago Chaz Rorick started taking photos of himself dressed up as different presidents.

    And, thank goodness for the Internet, he's kept it going since then.

    He doesn't just do old presidents either, here's one of him as Ronald Reagan wearing a sombrero.

    And here's him channeling George W. Bush's presidential nose scratch.

    Chaz's wig game is off the hook.

    Same with his paper beard game.

    As you can see, it's not just about making an absolutely perfect costume (which he does) but also channeling the spirit of the president.

    Dang, look at the cool JFK cigar squint.

    Here's a collage of all the ones he's done so far!