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This Teenage Girl Pulled Off Some Of The Best "Frozen" Cosplay You'll Ever See

Move aside, everyone else, meet the new snow queen of cosplay.

This is Angela, a teenager from Long Island who is incredibly good at cosplay.

Not only is she really good at cosplaying just in general, she makes her costumes herself.

You can check out the insane amount of detail that went into her Elsa costume on her blog.

Angela explains on her blog that the costume was relatively easy, but incredibly time-consuming — about 250 hours.

She also has a walk-through of very specific makeup shape that Elsa wears in the movie.

Here's a shot of all the finished pieces.

And then, luckily, a snowstorm arrived just in time for a photo shoot.

Though, Angela wrote that she wished it was bright enough outside to make the 100,000 rhinestones on the costume shine.

Definitely check out her Deviant Art page for more incredibly impressive cosplay projects.

(h/t: The Daily Dot)

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