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This Kid Took The World's Most Epic Selfie With His Teacher As She Was Having Contractions In Class

This is the best selfie. This kid wins the selfie wars.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for this selfie?

Alright, here we go. Just be prepared to feel pretty bad about your own selfie game.

OK. Here it comes.

Behold! The greatest selfie of all time. Malik here decided that this was the perfect time to snap a selfie, as his teacher began having contractions in class.

The photo was taken by Malik Whiter, a junior at Florida's Coral Springs Charter School. The woman looking exasperated in the background is his pregnant teacher, Susana Halleck. Halleck didn't think she was going to have the baby until December, but she started going through some early contractions in class. And so, in that magic moment, this amazing selfie was created.

Oh and you better believe there are photoshops. Thankfully Gawker users quickly booted up Photoshop and went to town.

All hail the selfie king!