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    Meet One Of The Guys Who Writes For George Takei's Facebook

    According to a report, George Takei doesn't update his own Facebook? Oh my!

    It's safe to say that George Takei's Facebook page is one of the most popular and well-known Facebook pages there is.

    But Takei isn't actually the one doing most of the updating and the mega-viral posts are mostly the work of this man:

    According to Jim Romensko's blog, Polito makes $10 a post to update Takei's Facebook page.

    "...even at $10 a joke it still feels like a validation to see so many people reacting to my humor. I have written jokes that got 10 likes per second for hours. The power of George is unbelievable. His fans are a viral army. He may not be a stockholder, but he owns Facebook."

    My possible good news this week is that a book I wrote a few years ago (and my agent gave up on) is #2 in "Hot New Releases" for kids' sci-fi in the Kindle store. That sounds more exciting than it is, given the sales. But it's something. I'm in the top 100 in two categories."

    Polito did have a piece of his own content go viral seven months ago. He was the person who wrote this hilarious synopsis of The Wizard Of Oz.

    Takei even mentioned Polito and his movie synopses by name last November.

    Polito has his own Facebook page, with a little over 4,000 likes.

    He also currently has an e-book for sale on Amazon.

    A representative for Takei sought to clarify Polito's role. "Rick Polito contributes memes but is not doing any updating. The page is complex and handled by a bunch of different folks for George depending on his schedule."

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