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Meet One Of The Guys Who Writes For George Takei's Facebook

According to a report, George Takei doesn't update his own Facebook? Oh my!

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According to Jim Romensko's blog, Polito makes $10 a post to update Takei's Facebook page.

"...even at $10 a joke it still feels like a validation to see so many people reacting to my humor. I have written jokes that got 10 likes per second for hours. The power of George is unbelievable. His fans are a viral army. He may not be a stockholder, but he owns Facebook."

My possible good news this week is that a book I wrote a few years ago (and my agent gave up on) is #2 in "Hot New Releases" for kids' sci-fi in the Kindle store. That sounds more exciting than it is, given the sales. But it's something. I'm in the top 100 in two categories."


A representative for Takei sought to clarify Polito's role. "Rick Polito contributes memes but is not doing any updating. The page is complex and handled by a bunch of different folks for George depending on his schedule."