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Germans Keep Tweeting About Eating Cheese With Nutella So We Actually Tried It

An investigation.

So in Germany, apparently, people will often tweet about getting drunk and eating a Nutella and cheese sandwich.

Wir waren mal so betrunken, dass wir 3Stunden auf dem Küchenboden gelegen und käsebrot mit Nutella gegessen haben #saufenverbindet

"We were lying on the floor, drunk-eating bread with cheese and Nutella."

It sounds like madness, to be honest.

Hat mal jemand Käsebrot mit Nutella probiert? Schmekt das?

"Has anyone ever tried bread with Nutella and cheese? Is it tasty?"

It's sort of like a fascination on German social media.

btw Käsebrot mit Nutella schmeckt einfach genial!

"BTW bread with Nutella and cheese tastes amazing!"

So much so, that BuzzFeed's German team tried making a Nutella and cheese sandwich to find out what all the fuss was about.

Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed
Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed
Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed

One brave writer, Anna Dushime, bravely made herself into a human guinea pig and tried it. And apparently...

Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed's really good! Anna claims that combining cheese and Nutella actually tastes great.

Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed

Only, no one was believing her. English speakers found out about her cheese and hazelnut culinary nightmare and immediately called bullshit.

@broderick @BuzzFeedGermany omg @AnnaDushime nooooo

@broderick @BuzzFeedGermany this needs to stop now.

So! We decided to find out for ourselves. Could it just be a weird German thing? Is it possible that Nutella and cheese actually go well together?


We followed Anna's experiment exactly. She suggested gouda. So we got gouda too.


Alright, here we go.


Taste test #1


Rachael says: "It’s like Marmite – sweet Marmite. I didn’t know what was happening but I liked it and I wanted more. This sandwich will probably be banned soon."


Taste test #2


Ryan says: "I honestly thought this was going to taste like trash, but it goes weirdly well together and the minute I was done eating it I wanted to eat more of it for some reason. Help, I'm really scared. Am I going to die?"


Taste test #3


Rossalyn says: “I like cheese, and I like chocolate, so I thought I’d love this, but it didn’t work – the texture of the cheese with the chocolate was a bit rank.”

  1. Would you eat a cheese and Nutella sandwich?

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