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This Incredibly Well-Dressed 9-Year-Old Has A Cookie Company That Just Went Viral On Instagram

So much for neighborhood lemonade stands, I guess.

Cory Nieves is a 9-year-old cookie mogul from Englewood, N.J.

He's the CEO of a cookie company called Mr. Cory's Cookies. He started the business in 2009, selling hot chocolate outside of his house.

The reason he started the food stand was originally to raise enough money for his mom to buy a car when the family moved from New York City to New Jersey.

Since then, he's expanded into cookies. He sells sugar-free oatmeal raisin cookies and a recipe for what he calls the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie.

People really like taking photos with the young entrepreneur, obviously.

A major part of Cory's success is due to the fact he probably is one of the best dressed human beings on the planet.

This is the most intimidating photo ever taken of a 9-year-old.

This photo is captioned: "#tbt dreaming of my empire goodnight," which is amazing.


"Presentation is the key to success," Cory told the Huffington Post. "People first look at my style and ask, 'Who dresses you? Your mom,' and my mom says, 'Do you see what I have on? I need my son to dress me.'"