This Guy’s Instagram Is Just Him Photoshopped Next To Celebrities

Instagram user @Peejet is the biggest thing in hip-hop right now.

1. He has a TON of famous friends.

2. He walked Beyoncé out during the inauguration.

3. He’s been in music videos with Drake.

4. He took Rihanna to the Grammys.

5. Brought McDonalds to Rick Ross, poolside.

6. Did a photoshoot for Drake.

7. And when he’s not doing all that, he’s at home lounging with Beyoncé.

8. He hugged Miguel in concert.

9. And somehow got Kanye and Ray J in the same room together.

10. He’s basically the hip hop world’s biggest behind-the-scenes player.

11. He’s boys with Trinidad James.

12. Here he is getting up in the morning, NBD.

13. And here he is lounging with Alicia Keys.

14. All of these photos are very, definitely real.

(h/t Reddit)

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