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    This Guy's Cheese Vine Perfectly Sums Up How Silly The Daily Mail Is

    Introducing..."The Cheese of Truth"!

    The Cheese of Truth was done by a Swedish comedian who goes by Olaf Falafel. The 38-year-old is based in London and told BuzzFeed he never expected the Vine to blow up as big as it has. The Vine currently has over 17 million loops.

    "It was meant to be that the cheese was a filter getting to the core of what the paper really means," he said. "It went quite viral in the UK, but when the US got hold of it, that's when it took off. A lot of them didn't understand the satire though."

    He says a few Americans thought he was being racist, but he was just trying to parody the Mail. Also, bonus: He did one for the Sun too!

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