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After Dropping 260 Pounds, This Guy Decided To Share Photos Of His Loose Skin To Inspire Others

"These aren't things to be ashamed of, they're battle scars."

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This is John Burton, a 27-year-old astronomy Ph.D. from Manchester, England. He recently decided to share his weight loss story on Reddit. Burton dropped 260 pounds in three years.

"It was simply diet and exercise. That's it," Burton told BuzzFeed News. "Just making sure I ate healthy, lost weight slowly, and tried to become happy with myself." There was a side effect of dropping all that weight, however.


Burton said he knew that excess skin might be a problem, but he figured dealing with some extra skin would be better than being morbidly obese.


He said sharing the photos was part of a process of chipping away at his self-image. "The best thing for me is when people say I've helped them. That makes it 110% worth it, no question," he said.

He said he could have surgery to remove them, but he's not sure if he wants that. He feels like the cost and the recovery might not be worth it if he still isn't happy with the way he looks in the mirror.


Judging by the comments on Reddit, Burton's decision to open up about his extra skin is inspiring a lot of people.


"Now, I'm just trying to learn to like myself and how I look," he said. "These aren't things to be ashamed of, they're battle scars."

Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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