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This Dog Can Stack Literally Anything On His Head

His name is Jack, he wears a cool bandana, and he is the best stacker in the whole world.

Hey, this is Jack. You wouldn't know by looking at him, but he's got an incredible talent for...

Stacking things on his head. Like these cookies! (Wow, he even makes it look dignified, too.)

But it doesn't just stop there, he can stack all kinds of stuff.

Like this tea kettle.

Or this egg.

Or this pile of hats.

Dang, this must take a lot of concentration.

There's literally nothing this dog can't balance on his noggin.

Look at that focus, that dedication to the craft of stacking.

Okay, most people can't even do that.

This is seriously impressive.

That's a frying pan for goodness sake!

This is him balancing a picture of himself balancing things on his head. Trippy.

And this is him exhausted after an evening of stacking.

And this is Jack being balanced by his owner! Hooray for Jack!