This Airline Company Loaded Their Baggage Claim With Christmas Presents For Their Passengers

OK, even though it’s basically an extended ad, the concept and execution is pretty great.

1. The marketing team behind WestJet airlines came up with one hell of a marketing stunt for Christmas this year.

2. The way it worked: They set up this Santa box that more than 250 guests spoke to, telling the on-screen Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

3. They asked for things like a new scarf, an Android tablet, or even just a flight home.

4. The box was set up for passengers for two Calgary-bound flights.

5. What the passengers didn’t know was that on the other side of the screen were of 175 WestJet volunteers.

6. They quickly ran out with the list of presents while the plane was in the air.

7. And then when the planes landed in Calgary…

8. All the presents they asked for from Santa were waiting for them!

9. And Santa himself was there to help pass them out.

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