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This 8-Year-Old Sent Her Mom A Very Cute Email Explaining Why She Needs To See The "Hunger Games"

"I saw Old Yellar die and there's nothing sadder than that."

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Dear Momma--I would like you to reconsider your block on Hunger Games. After all, my dear friend Beatrice watched hunger games over a year ago. Also, I've seen kids die in movies a lot of times before with my dad. Please don't get him in trouble. Also, I saw old yellar die and there's nothing sadder than that. All of the kids in my class have seen it. I have to pretend I know everything about it or else they'll think I'm a dork. Finally, I can stick my head in my dads shirt if there are any scary partsLove,LolaPs pretty please can you let me watch it!!!!!! With a cherry on top!!!!