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The Definitive List Of Every Crazy Thing Pokémon Go Has Already Caused

What is happening to us??? What have we become???

1. This guy.

2. This guy.

3. The fact this is happening.

4. The end of this dude's relationship.

5. This.

6. This dude's moment of clarity.

7. Seriously, do not open Pokémon Go on highways.

8. These teens that were literally robbed by dudes using lures.

9. This dude's house that got turned into a Poké gym.

10. This.

11. This.

12. This.

13. Central Park right now.

Pokemon GO is just insane right now. This is in Central Park. It's basically been HQ for Pokemon GO.

14. This dude who thought he was just going to score a Pidgey.

15. The fact someone might have actually picked up a Squirtle while fighting ISIS.

16. This car.

17. This.

18. This press release I literally received while making this post...

19. The fact that this is necessary.

20. The fact people are trolling the Westboro Baptist with something called a "Sodomite Clefairy."

21. And the fact the Westboro Baptist Church is trying to troll everyone back with a Jigglypuff.

22. This.

23. And this.

24. The fact someone loaded Pokémon Go into a drone.

25. And the fact that someone — somewhere — might have actually done this... 😟