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    A College Student Met Her Doppelganger While Studying Abroad

    This is honestly so weird. My brain hurts.

    This is Cordelia Roberts. She's from the UK. She's currently studying abroad at Bremen University in Germany.

    This is Ciara Murphy. She's from Ireland. And she's also currently studying abroad at Bremen University in Germany.

    The girls met while on a night out and ended up posting this selfie on Facebook. The photo went super viral.

    It ended up catching the attention of Twin Strangers, a blog that aims to find everyone's doppelgänger. Twin Strangers ended up putting together this video about them.

    Facebook: video.php

    "When I was going on nights out, people were starting to ask me did I come here with a sister, or a twin," Murphy told Twin Strangers. “I was just like, 'No, I'm completely on my own out here.'"

    Ever since they posted the photo, they've been known as the "twins" around campus.

    Like look at them.

    This is so messed up.

    They have the same FACE.

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