There's A New Weird Dance Thing On Vine Called #Yeet And You Need To See It

    One magical six-second video has become a whole big thing.

    The #Yeet phenomenon started back in February. But it didn't really pick up until a kid who goes by the name Lil Meatball made this incredible video.

    The vine has exploded in popularity, someone made a beat for it.

    Someone did one where Lil Meatball shoots a T-shirt at Paul McCartney.

    Vine superstar Terrio tried doing the dance.

    So did this cat.

    This guy did it in traffic, which isn't recommended.

    You can do it to your friends as a surprise too.

    These kids did it in class.

    Or at least tried to...

    This kid is nice and casual about it.

    This girl did it in the hallway at school.

    Oh, and obviously, there are a ton of photoshops.

    Due to the popularity of the original, Lil Meatball has blessed the internet with two more dance vines.

    And they are equally amazing.