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    There's A Guy On Instagram Who Takes Photos Of Himself Wearing Naked White Women As Scarves

    He says he likes to wear white women as a sign of "status and power."

    Photographer Nate Hill is the man behind the Trophy Scarves Instagram account.

    The premise is that he asks (and gets asked) by white women to wear them like scarves.

    Hill had a similar art project called White Power Milk, in which people bought milk that had been gargled by white women.

    According to The Root, Hill uses Craigslist to find a lot of his subjects.

    Hill posts illuminating photos of some of the texts that lead to the photos on his Instagram.

    Hill told Vice that Trophy Scarves is all about making a statement about race and culture and the way society treats women.

    As for the obviously sexual undertones, Hill is married and says his wife "tolerates" the project.

    He doesn't have long-term plans for the project, but plans on doing it for at least a few more months.