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There Is A Milwaukee Pug Fest And It Is Heaven On Earth

Why can't every day be pug fest?

Basically the Milwaukee Pug Fest is a big pug party that attracts over 17,000 dogs.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

(This might be the cutest photo that's ever been taken in history.)

Pug Fest was founded 9 years ago, and since then they've raised almost $240,000 for pug rescue and awareness.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

They bring in some pretty big celebrities too, like Elvis Pugsley.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

And Superpug

Pug Fest founder Rick Kopaczewski told the AP that thanks to Facebook promotion, attendance has almost tripled over the years.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

Pug Fest isn't all leisurely fun though, there are costume contests and squishy faced pug races.

It's considered the largest pug event in North America.

Holy cow, that tongue is incredible.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

But it looks like a big day of costumed pugging takes out of them.

OK bye.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP