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There Is A Man Who Has 21 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

He just got a new one to commerate Mily's new album.

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This is Carl McCoid, he's from Yorkshire, England, and he loves Miley Cyrus. When BuzzFeed wrote about him last year he only had 15 Miley Cyrus tattoos.

Carl and Miley have both had a busy year, though, because now Carl has 21 Miley Cyrus tattoos.

Carl's two most recent Miley tattoos are a tribute to the newest phase of the singer's career. He got her trademark tongue tattooed on his side.

And a tattoo of the logo of her new album Bangers.

Carl is planning his 22nd tattoo, which he says will most likely be a tribute to her VMAs performance.

Do your thing Carl!

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