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    The Taco Bell Taco Licker Has Been Fired

    Your Taco Bell taco shells are safe again.

    Remember the infamous Taco Bell taco licker? It appears as though he's been fired.

    Taco Bell responded on Facebook Monday afternoon, saying that they were taking swift action against those involved.

    Taco Bell released a statement on Tuesday that the employee is in the process of being terminated from his employment.

    Our franchisee is responsible for the employment and conduct of his restaurant's employees and he has informed us that he immediately suspended the employee shown in the photo and is in the process of terminating his employment. The employee who took the photo no longer works there. As we complete our investigation we will work with our franchisee to implement any additional action we find appropriate to address this situation and ensure it never happens again.

    And while it's unverified, a Reddit user is claiming they received this snapchat from the newly fired employee.

    The moral of the story being, of course, that you shouldn't lick people's food.