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The True Story Behind One Of The Greatest Wedding Photos Of All Time

"We still coming."

If you've been on the internet in the last couple of weeks, chances are you've seen these two text screenshots floating around.

And then following the text is this totally amazing wedding photo.

Places like Elite Daily and the New York Post ran the story.

It even inspired a whole dang hashtag!

The only problem is that the text never happened and the couple isn't named Roger and Kirsten.

But don't worry! The photo is real. The couple is Amy and Ian and they got married in Detroit last month.

Their wedding photographer, Adam Sparkes, told BuzzFeed he watched his photo go viral, but figured it would sort itself out. After Elite Daily ran with it, though, the whole thing completely exploded on Facebook.

Sparkes tried to set the record straight in the comments section of Elite Daily but it got buried on Facebook.

The real story is that Amy and Ian went to a local abandoned spot in Detroit to shoot some street photos when they stumbled across the rap group 7262 shooting a video...

…And then 7262 invited them into the shoot.

And it was awesome! You can watch Amy and Ian and their bridal party absolutely crushing it in the video here:

View this video on YouTube

So, while the "we still coming" text might have been a hoax, luckily the real story is just as amazing.

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