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"Sexy Felon" Jeremy Meeks Just Got Offered A Modeling Contract

What a world...

If you haven't gotten over "Sexy Felon" Jeremy Meeks yet, you're in luck. He just got offered a modeling contract.

What started as a joke earlier this month when Meeks' mugshot started going viral is now a reality.

Lmaoo I am sorry I just to laugh at the way his looks could have used in the fashion industry #jeremymeeks

According to TMZ, Meeks has been offered a $30,000 modeling contract. Meeks also squared an agent, Gina Rodriguez, who also represents Tan Mom.

There's also a GoFundMe page that's attempting to raise $25,000 for him.

TMZ also reported that Meeks' attorney has requested that he be able to wear nice-fitting civilian clothing so he looks good during court appearances.

Sometimes it feels like the internet is too crazy to actually be real.