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Officials Now Say That The Navy Yard Shooter Did Not Use The Same Style Weapon As Sandy Hook And Aurora

If you aren't familiar with it, meet the AR-15. UPDATED with official statement from the FBI concerning the weapon used by Aaron Alexis during Monday's attack.

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The sources, who have detailed knowledge of the investigation, cautioned that initial information that an AR-15 was used in the shootings may have been incorrect. It is believed that Alexis had rented an AR-15, but returned it before Monday morning's shootings. Authorities are still investigating precisely how many weapons Alexis had access to and when.

The New York Times, however, is still reporting an AR-15 was found on his person.

Update - Sept. 17, 2:06 p.m., EDT: The FBI has stated that they officially have no information about Alexis having an AR-15 in his posession during the attacks, contrary to earlier military reports.

Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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