The Closure Of The Internet’s Biggest Drug Market Might Seriously Affect America’s Molly Supply

The shut down of the internet’s biggest drug market might have serious consequences on the quality of drugs that show up in your home town.

1. This photo was posted Wednesday night by Reddit user rnycthrowawa. It shows three hits of Molly after being tested for purity.

2. Rnycthrowawa explained that black indicates it’s closer to pure MDMA, while yellow means that it might be cut with other substances.

In light of Silk Road getting shut down, I wanted to throw a PSA out there: SR MDMA vs two New York “molly” street samples (black indicates purity, yellow indicates amphetamines/meth). If you’re into all that, buy a test kit!!

3. The black smudge is MDMA, or “Molly” as it’s better known, purchased from The Silk Road, the online drug market recently seized by the FBI.

4. The difference of color reflects a startling difference in purity between the Molly coming into New York from The Silk Road versus what’s being sold on the street.

This is a picture I took on Saturday of 3 different samples. The two yellow samples are from two different suppliers in New York, the black sample is from a trusted supplier on silk road. Not encouraging drug use or anything, but if you are going to do it, get a test kit or ask a friend with one to test it for you…

…That is all. Have fun and be safe!

5. The FBI have noted the surprisingly high quality and purity of the drugs that were being sold on the Silk Road.

freak corps


Good old silk road. High purity DMT anyone?

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6. According to law enforcement, from 2011-2013, there were 1,229,465 transactions on the site. 70 percent of which were typically very pure and high quality drugs.

7. The user also listed several resources for users who worry about purity of newer Molly coming in post-Silk Road closure.


8. Online drug resource site has a guide to testing Molly with quick examples of what could cause a change in color.

9. A BuzzFeed Facebook commenter pointed out a concern that many drug users have following the FBI’s seizure of The Silk Road.

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