There's A New Tumblr That Collects Photos Of Boyfriends Who Look Like Each Other

    And it's cute and weird and kind of neat.

    Boyfriend Twin is a new Tumblr where users can share their photos of "boyfriend twins" and some of them are pretty wild!

    The person behind the page, who wished to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed that he started the blog after talking about it with a friend. It was originally going to be called "doppelbangers."

    He said most of the photos were submitted by the couples themselves and that he has a lot of friends who proudly pose with their lookalike boyfriends, sometimes in matching outfits.

    "The boyfriend twin photos have not stopped pouring in," he said. "Happy and handsome boyfriends and husbands have been proudly sharing their lookalike moments with Tumblr."

    Though he said some people who stumble across the blog think it's ridiculing the couples.

    The point of the blog, he said, is to start a conversation about narcissism, exhibitionism and sexuality.

    "I don’t think it is limited to gays and lesbians either," he said. "It’s fun for couples to play with cultural ideas about twinniness too."