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    The Mom Of A Girl With Down Syndrome Shot Her Own Back-To-School Ads Using Other Disabled Children

    Professional photographer Katie Discroll believes it's important that every kid feels included.

    Illinois photographer Katie Driscoll has a 4-year-old daughter named Grace. Grace has Down Syndrome.

    Driscoll said she put the project together because she noticed that even though back-to-school ads are very diverse in terms of race and gender, they rarely feature children with disabilities.

    "I thought of all the parents who have children would have different learning or physical abilities and what it must feel like to be searching for the perfect book bag," Driscoll told BuzzFeed.

    So last week, she brought a diverse group of kids together in a Chicago bookstore. She said her models for the day had a blast.

    Driscoll also founded Changing The Face Of Beauty, which is a movement hoping to put pressure on advertisers to use more people with disabilities in ads.

    The back-to-school ads hit Facebook and the reaction has been great. She believes most people, more often than not, really want to see more diversity in media.

    "How can we expect children to be accepting of children who are different if they are virtually none existent in the general media and advertising," Driscoll said.

    You can watch a video of the adorable photo shoot here: