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The Internet Loves Drawing Anderson Cooper

Fun fact: There's a fairly big online community that draws cable news fan art, and boy do they love Anderson Cooper.

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1. Steampunk Anderson Cooper

2. "Alicorn Cooper"

3. "The Silver Fox Of CNN"

4. Superhero Anderson Cooper

5. An Anderson Cooper Paper Doll

6. Anderson Kitty

7. Cable News Ponies

8. Anderson Cooper as Mr. Freeze

9. The Silver Fox

10. Hands Christian Anderson Cooper

[Ed. note: this one is brilliant] / Via

[Ed. note: this one is brilliant]

11. "True Beauty"

From the artist:

NOTE: My mom saw this and said 'He's probably really gay, so people are going to think you're disrespecting him. I know my mom is mostly just stupid (since that was her first thought), but this really has nothing to do with Anderson Cooper being gay or not gay. I don't know or care if he is. I just think he's cool, and this is how I show my appreciation.

12. Ambleson Cooper 360 on PNN

13. Cartoon Anderson Cooper

14. Georgian Era Anderson Cooper

15. Anderson Cooper and Keith Olberman talking about Legally Blonde The Musical

16. "Silver Fox"

17. A page from a comic book about super-powered news anchors

18. Anderson Cooper Barbie

19. Anderson Cooper

20. Anderson Cooper with braided hair

21. "Melting Point"

From the artist:

This is a piece of fanart for a multi-chapter fanfic in an LJ-community for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/The Colbert Report slash. Portrayed above are two of the chief protagonists, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper. I'd link to the story, but you'd have to be a member of the comm to see it since it's friends-locked. About the fanfic, let's just say it's one of those dorky little firsts for me. About this drawing, though. I penciled it, had it scanned by Descartes and then I colored it in Photoshop. As a gift, I'm glad they liked it, I tried to put as much as I felt into it. As something just for me, I think it's insufficient. Like everything I have ever done, from schoolwork to not work at all, there is a certain unfinished-ness to it. But whatever.

22. Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert

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