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    The Internet Has Been Hilariously Photoshopping This Guy's Vacation Photo

    This is pretty weird and great.

    Belgian food blogger Yves Van De Ven has an inside joke with his friends where he tries to do super lame tourist photos at famous places around Europe.

    Recently, he visited Paris, and tried to do a touching the top of the Eiffel Tower photo, failing miserably on purpose. He captions all of his instagrams with "nailed it."

    "We thought it would be funny to make fun of tourist clichés," he told BuzzFeed France. "We did it deliberately, we are not idiots who can't take pictures."

    However, something unexpected happened after his most recent terrible photo. Someone put him on the anonymous imageboard 4chan.

    Users started photoshopping him.

    And didn't stop...

    Turning Van De Ven into a huge meme.

    4chan's collection of Van De Ven photoshops started circulating all over the internet, getting picked up by European news sites.

    He's pretty excited about his new meme status. He's been sharing the pictures on his personal Facebook.

    "Maybe the city of Paris will invite me to come back, because it's good for tourism," he said. "Everyone has seen the Eiffel Tower."

    Just goes to show you, if you put a photo on the internet, you never know what it'll do with it.