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    Here's Why Two Different People Now Have Said "F#@k Her Right In The P#$&y" On Live TV

    It turns out, if a hoax is popular enough, it will actually become real. This post includes INCREDIBLY graphic language.

    John Cain is a YouTube user who makes very convincing hoaxes. In January 2014, he pranked a lot of people when one of his videos went viral.

    In his first video, he plays a reporter who appears to be caught on camera saying he wants to have sex with a kidnapping victim. He ends the line with "fuck her right in the pussy."

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    A month later, Cain upped the ante, by using this guy, who goes by Fred, in another very real-looking news blooper.

    This time around, it was the guy in a mustache who was spliced into news footage. The guy in the hoodie then delivers the now-very-famous line.

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    The video went crazy viral on Tumblr, becoming a massive meme over night.

    As it was building in popularity on platforms with younger users like Tumblr and Instagram, it was also becoming pretty apparent the whole thing was fake.

    In May, a lot of sites started running debunks of Cain's videos. But the truth didn't slow down the speed of the meme.

    Around that same time, Cain released a second video. Once again, the joke exploded all over the web.

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    The phrase is now a public figure on Facebook with almost 100,000 followers.

    And you can buy merch for it on CafePress.

    Needless to say, it's become, like, a whole thing.

    In fact, it's become such a thing that it's now something that's actually happening on real newscasts. So far, it's happened twice, both during the World Cup.

    The above clip happened during a post-game interview with Brazil fans. And now, most recently, a World Cup fan did it on Univision.