The BuzzFeed Guide To Being A Greaser

Hey squares, hit the curb!

See these folks? Talk about a bunch of corny birdbrains.

You don’t wanna be like them, right? You wanna be cool.

1. Get some pomade.

2. And slick your hair up, like it’s no big thing.

Wrong! Not slick back! Slick up!

3. Alright, if you’re gonna ride in style, you need an ace jacket.

A leather jacket is the standard.

4. Could be a jean jacket, though.

Could be jean with chains.

5. Bomber jackets work too.

6. Once you get your outfit and hair down though, play it cool.

7. If you have the time, pick up some arm candy.

8. But always make sure the dames come to you.

9. Lastly, pick up some choice wheels.

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