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The Aurora Shooting Theater Reopens For Private Memorial Screening

The Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, reopened on Thursday and screened The Hobbit for victims and the families of victims of the grisly shooting that happened there in July.

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Cinemark announced that it would be reopening The Century theater earlier this month, inviting Aurora shooting survivors and the friends and family of victims to participate in a free screening.

Tom Sullivan, the father of slain "Dark Knight Rises" moviegoer Alex Sullivan, wrote an editorial in response to the letter, in which he said the theater reopening is the first step in rebuilding the community and that he would be attending.

Jansen Young (left) was in Theater 9 during the shooting. That night she was saved by her military boyfriend Jonathan Blunk, who was slain during the attack. She attended Thursday's screening with her aunt, Sherrie Hawley (right).

Pierce O'Farrill was shot three times by Holmes, once in the arm, and twice in his left leg. He told The Denver Post in July that he forgives James Holmes and hopes to speak with him one day.