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The 54 Best Animated GIFs Of 2012

This is it: Here is the definitive list of the most amazing GIFs that changed our lives this year.

1. The man who fell for the ol' "no glass in the door" trick

2. The man who escaped from a monster by throwing this printer out the window

3. The woman who felt the powerful might of the toilet paper leaf blower

4. The best high-five in history

5. The mystery of the liquor store trap door

6. The two strangers who dared to get down with their bad selves

7. The hypnotic process of pencil-making

8. And the beautiful machine that makes ice cream sandwiches

9. The capybara that needed a good pet

10. The hamster ball cyborg that will enslave us all

11. A slow loris very slowly eating a rice ball

12. And this very confused dog

13. The secret cat trick to pretend like they meant to do something all along

14. This dog politely introducing himself

15. The cheetah that one-upped the photographer

16. This very startled cat

17. A corgi that understands the importance of "lie down"

18. And this cat that understands the meaning of "heartbreak"

19. The dubstep cat that refused to stop raving

20. The happiest little boy in the whole world

21. These two tough guys

22. Ted Danson dancin'

23. The polar bear who dances through the infinite void of space

24. And this quiet afternoon between two friends

25. Christian Bale's visit with Kermit

26. And Nicolas Cage meeting Nicolas Cage

27. Katy Perry and Rihanna getting a little closer as friends

28. Gary Oldman telling everyone how he really feels

29. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face

30. Tupac's new status as Jedi master

31. And a very flustered Anderson Cooper

32. This girl's smile

33. Brian Wilson singing "We Will Will Rock You" the only way he could

34. The man who disintegrated his sunglasses

35. And this guy

36. The kiss that rocked the world

37. The ultimate photobomb

38. This super-pumped bro

39. Captain Picard kinda sorta saying hello, maybe

40. And George Costanza thinking it's pretty freaking great

41. This weird thing

42. This even weirder thing

43. And the weirdest thing

44. The fat Spider-Man that refuses to stop dancing

45. And Lana Del Ray dancing in this microwave

46. Chill skater Obama

47. "Single Ladies" Obama

48. And the always adorable Dalai Lama

49. The best day of Cookie Monster's life

50. And Batman and Robin discovering the Pizza Hut cheeseburger pizza

51. But of course the ultimate and final GIF star of the year was...