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The 26 Most Popular Yik Yak Posts Of 2014

Yik Yak provided BuzzFeed with their list of the most upvoted statuses of the year. Here are this year's diamonds in the rough.

26. The inbox personality test.

25. The aggressive socializer.

24. The friend who might need an intervention pretty soon.

23. The big thinker.

22. The wussy wearing way too many layers.

21. The existential test taker.

20. The late registration.

19. The global studies major.

18. The campus safari guide.

17. The true example of rock bottom.

16. The person who never got the hang of Tuesdays.

15. The newest tribute.

14. The ultimate fantasy.

13. The biology major.

12. The creepy upperclassmen.

11. The very secretive secret.

10. The triple-threat law/med/English major.

9. The poetry major.

8. The person with all the right priorities.

7. The most important piece of advice you'll ever read.

6. The class clown.

5. The dropout.

4. The booty call.

3. The true romantic.

2. The "women's studies" major.

1. And the realest thing ever written.