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    Texas Judge Who Beat His Daughter With A Belt To Be Reinstated

    Judge William Adams has been on paid leave since last November, when a video of him beating his 16-year-old daughter with a belt was uploaded to YouTube. He is now being reinstated to the bench.

    In 2004, after Texas court-at-law judge William Adams discovered that his then-teenage daughter, Hillary, had been illegally downloading games and music on the Internet, he beat the 16-year-old with his belt.

    Hillary, who was diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy at birth, recorded the incident and uploaded it to YouTube last year.

    Hillary practicing the piano at her home in Rockport, Texas.

    Judge Adams has been on paid leave since last November, when the video went viral online. The original video currently has 7,250,730 views.

    The 13-member Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct is now reinstating Adams to the bench after giving him a public warning.

    The State Commission on Judicial Conduct's official public warning to Judge Adams:

    The commission acknowledges that Judge Adams was not aware that he had been secretly videotaped, and that he was not the person who released the videotape on the Internet. However, because Judge Adams regularly presides over and decides child custody, child abuse, and family violence cases, his private conduct did cast public discredit upon the judiciary and the administration of justice.

    WARNING: Graphic video of domestic violence

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