Teens Are Competitively Eating Whole Heads Of Lettuce And It's Insane

    Welcome to the strange world of "Lettuce Clubs".

    Ever heard of a "Lettuce Club"? Probably not, but it's basically exactly what it sounds like.

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    It's a club where kids competitively eat heads of lettuce. The whole thing start spreading around the internet after this super viral tumblr post.

    Here are the rules:

    • You have 5 minutes to eat a whole head of lettuce.

    • The kid to do it the fastest becomes the president of the club and organizes the competition the next year.

    • You can use any sauce you want.

    • If you can’t finish your lettuce head in 30 minutes, you’re banned from attending the next year.

    It all started at the Maine School For Science And Mathematics (MSSM).

    But it has spread all over the country.

    One person BuzzFeed spoke to estimates there are at least 30 pages for different Lettuce Clubs on Facebook right now.

    BuzzFeed spoke with a former member of MSSM's Lettuce Club, Luke Peterson. "The bigger the bite, the faster you can get it down, as long as you’re willing to chew quickly," he said.

    And then we decided to try having the first ever BuzzFeed Lettuce Club.

    It didn't go great.

    Peterson's tip about huge bites is sort of tricky, it turns out.

    Also, do NOT try using a fork and knife. That's just foolish.

    Only one BuzzFeed member would be able to hang with the MSSM lettuce lovers.

    IDK, teens are weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯