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    School Shooter Was Bullied For Being A "Ginger"

    Details are emerging in the Taft High School shooting, where 16-year-old Bryan Oliver shot another student in the chest with a shotgun last week. Oliver today pleaded not guilty to two charges of premeditated attempted murder with a firearm. He is being charged as an adult and could face 32 years to life on just one of the charges.

    Bryan Oliver pleaded not guilty Monday to two counts of premeditated attempted murder and three counts of assault with a firearm.

    Felix Adamo / AP

    District Attorney Lisa Green announced that the court will try the 16-year-old as an adult due to the severity of last Thursday's attack which left another 16-year-old student wounded.

    Felix Adamo / AP

    Morgan Alldredge, a friend of Oliver's, pictured below, who was in the classroom during the shooting, said that Oliver was bullied over his red hair.

    Tracie Cone / AP

    Alldredge told The AP that other classmates "called him a 'ginger' and said gingers don't have souls."

    Felix Adamo / AP

    Many of Oliver classmates describe him as a "genius" who was constantly bullied by other students, calling him "misunderstood."

    Doug Keeler / AP

    Last Thursday morning, Oliver walked into his science class and shot another one of his classmates in the chest with a 12-guage shotgun. The victim was hit seriously, but did not receive life-threatening injuries.

    Felix Adamo / AP

    Oliver's friend Morgan Alldredge told The AP that Oliver told evacuating students, in reference to one of the victims who is alleged to have bullied Oliver, "all I want is Jacob," the name of the classmate he attacked.

    Alex Horvath / AP

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