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Taco Bell Went And Got A Bunch Of Men Named Ronald McDonald To Advertise Their New Breakfast Menu

Shots fired. Your move, McDonald's.

Taco Bell's new ad campaign is called "Guess Who Loves Taco Bell's New Breakfast":

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And it features men with a very particular name.

They found Ronald McDonalds from all over the country to talk about how much they loved Taco Bell breakfast.

They even found a father and son Ronald McDonald duo.

Wow, look at all these Ronald McDonalds eating Taco Bell breakfast.

The ad also includes a very catty disclaimer at the end.

Wow, McDonald's, you're really just going to let them come into your territory and disrespect you like that? SMH

UPDATE: McDonalds has fired back. Things are really heating up inside the world of fast food breakfast.